Labels & Ribbons Systems for Identification

Good data collection or tracking system with items that is properly labeled or tagged.  Our innovative labeling products and solutions help you identify any item in any environment. Includes Blank Labels, Pre-printed labels and thermal transfer ribbons for barcode label printers.

Labeling & Identification

From stock labels to custom labels for harsh environments, our extensive selection of label and tag materials and products means we have the right label or tag to meet your application requirements.

Ribbons & Label SuppliesRibbons

Did you know that not all ribbon is the same?  For example, you cannot use a Zebra ribbon on a SATO printer.  It just will not work!  Also, regardless the model of the printer, you must choose the correct ribbon formula (Wax/Resin) for the media you are using (Paper, Sythetic, etc..)  Selecting the right thermal transfer ribbon for your label and barcode printer is critical for any barcode label printing application. Let TSD assist you in finding the right formula of ribbon to ensure your barcodes scan successfully for the life of the label and meet the ANSI specifications of your customers.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer LabelsThermal transfer labels are constructed using a special facesheet that is specifically designed to accept heat-activated ink from a thermal transfer ribbon as it passes through a thermal label printer.
Like direct thermal labels, the barcodes, text and graphics are printed with concentrated heat, but because the text, images and barcodes are transferred from a ribbon, the printed image on the label can better withstand harsher environmental conditions. This makes thermal transfer labels ideal for a variety of applications, and when the right thermal tranfer label facestock is paired with the right thermal transfer ribbon, they are able to withstand the most harshest environments, including exposure to extreme heat, cold, chemicals and abrasion.

Common Thermal Transfer Label Applications

  • Automotive tags
  • Drum labels
  • Asset labels
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Specimen labels
  • Lab labels
  • Test tube labels

TransPrint is our Supplier’s stock thermal transfer paper label brand, ideal for many general purpose barcode labeling applications. We also feature a wide assortment of other thermal transfer paper labels with different topcoats, adhesive formulations and liner options.

For labeling applications that require enhanced durability characteristics, we offer an extensive selection of thermal transfer synthetic labels. These labels are made from materials such as polyester and polyolefin, and are designed to work with high-performance resin ribbons that resist abrasion and chemical exposure.

TSD Technologies can also produce any type of  custom thermal transfer label in any size, color or configuration. Our label experts can also help you select the perfect thermal transfer ribbon that is perfectly suited to your specific label, printer and application.

Find The Right Thermal Transfer Label For Your Application

Need help with finding a label? TSD Technolgies’ labeling experts can help you determine the best thermal transfer label solution that fits your business needs. Contact our label experts to discuss your label options and get a quote.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal LabelsDirect thermal labels are ideal for short-term labeling applications where exposure to heat and UV is minimized. Direct thermal labels are printed by applying concentrated heat that activates a dye in the specialized facesheet. Because direct thermal labels are designed to be directly marked by the printhead of the direct thermal label printer, the need to purchase and manage ribbons is eliminated. The direct thermal label facilitates the marking, enabling clear, high-quality printing at a consistency that’s ideal for barcode scanning applications.

TSD Technologies offers an extensive selection of direct thermal labels in paper or synthetic facestocks, with a wide variety of topcoat, adhesive and liner options that can be tailored to your specific application.

Common Direct Thermal Label Applications

  • Shipping labels
  • Warehousing labels
  • Distribution labels
  • Pharmacy labels
  • Weigh scale applications
  • Specimen labels
  • Lab labels
  • Test tube labels

TSD Technologies’ DirectPrint™ Direct Thermal Labels Provide Quality, Performance and Value
DirectPrint™ is our stock direct thermal paper label solution, ideal for many general purpose barcode labeling applications where direct thermal is preferred. For situations where enhanced durability characteristics are necessary, we offer an extensive collection of direct thermal synthetic labels. Consisting of materials such as polyester and polyolefin, synthetic labels are designed to withstand harsher environmental conditions, and meet durability requirements beyond standard direct thermal paper labels.

Find The Right Direct Thermal Label For Your Application

Need help with finding a label? TSD Technologies’ labeling experts can help you determine the best direct thermal label solution that fits your business needs. Contact our label experts to discuss your label options and get a quote.

Custom Labels

Custom LabelsOur Supplier’s label manufacturing division designs and produces innovative custom labels for a wide variety of applications. Utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies, we produce custom labels that satisfy our customer’s most demanding labeling requirements.

Whether your needs include pre-printed text, graphics, or logos, special sizes and configurations, special topcoats or spot coating, pattern or deadened adhesives, or unique constructions, General Data can produce custom labels to meet the needs of your application.

Custom Print Label Capabilities

Our label supplier’s manufacturing facilities house state-of-the-art label and tag converting, printing and finishing equipment. We can create a custom label with any printed information, including corporate logos and product brands, up to 8 colors with specialty topcoats and finishes. Our capabilities for custom print labels include:

  • Materials: papers and synthetics, formulated for thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser or inkjet printing.
  • Adhesives: formulations for any surface, environment, or application need.
  • Topcoats: to enhance printability or provide added durability.
  • Printing: pre-print logos, graphics or floodcoats in process colors or Pantone Matching System® (PMS) inks in up to 10 colors, with support for front and backside printing.
  • Finishing: perforations, face and back slits, laminating, and die cutting to your specifications. Our extensive die library contains a range of shapes and sizes, or we can produce a new die quickly and economically.
  • Digital pre-press: we can help you design or prepare your digital artwork to ensure the labels are produced to the highest standards of quality.

Ensure The Right Custom Label For Your Application Through Our Research, Development and Testing Lab

Our label product engineers can help you make sure your custom labels are right for your application. At our research and development laboratory, our product engineers utilize advanced equipment for product formulation, analysis and testing.

Our lab capabilities include:

  • Industry-standard physical testing of materials for recommendation or certification
  • Simulation of application environments for analysis and testing, including extended abrasion, extreme heat and cold, and chemical exposure
  • Print testing to determine optimal label/ink/ribbon combinations
  • Precision engineering of adhesives, materials, and topcoats
  • Preprinted Labels

When your needs include labels that have sequentially-numbered variable data, variable text, or variable-data barcodes, TSD Technologies has the expertise you can count on. We feature a range of variable-data imprinting technologies to suit your custom printed label needs, from 1,000 labels to 10 million labels.

TSD Technologies also offers short run label printing services with digital 4 color printing. These short run custom printed labels are ideal for small jobs requiring quick turnaround. Contact our label experts to discuss your label options and get a quote.

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