Psion Mobile Computers

Psion mobile computers are a result of the company’s commitment to modularity, open innovation, and customization. Always listening to its community of customers, partners, and developers from all around the world, Psion’s products are built to directly address the real demands of the marketplace and adapt to your changing needs.

Psion calls this approach Open Source Mobility. Designed to deliver the best lifetime total cost of ownership, Open Source Mobility helps the most progressive field service, logistics, supply chain, and transportation companies operate more efficiently.

Future-proof Mobile Computers for Any Industry

Today’s mobile workers require flexibility and function to achieve higher levels of productivity. The value of your mobile computers relates directly to how the devices are built and the features they include. Psion’s unique modularity allows for its mobile computers to adapt to your ever-changing business needs. With over a 1000 combinations (scanner, GPS, camera, RFID and more), Psion mobile computers adapt easily as your business needs evolve.