Mobile Computers and Mobile Devices

Mobile computers and mobile devices enable personnel to collect and manage data real-time while they are on the go – in the warehouse, on the floor, or in the field. Mobile computing extends the reach of your enterprise to capture and exchange information on the front line, where it matters most.

There are many different mobile computers and a host of connectivity and data management options to choose from – which one is right for your mobile computing application? You can rely on the experts at TSD Technologies to help you choose the best mobile computer and mobile computing technology for your business needs.

TSD Technologies is a premier business partner and integrator with the industry’s leading suppliers of mobile computers, including:

  • Motorola mobile computers
  • Honeywell mobile computers
  • Psion mobile computers

Handheld Computers, Vehicle Mount Computers & More

Choosing the right mobile computers for your business needs, objectives and budget is essential. Some handheld computers feature barcode scanning and WLAN or cellular connectivity. Ruggedized handheld computers and vehicle mount computers are typically used in a warehouse, distribution facility, manufacturing floor, or out in the field. Mobile computers are generally categorized in the following classes:

Handheld Computers

Hand Held Computers

Versatile handheld computers maximize productivity by combining the latest wireless, data, voice, barcode scanning, camera, Windows® Mobile, and other technologies into one device.

Wearable Mobile Computers

Designed for applications where hands-free barcode scanning and mobile computing is a must, including package handling/sortation, picking and warehousing. They are used with a ring scanner for point and scan simplicity.

Vehicle Mount Computers

Ruggedized and powerful, vehicle-mount mobile computers mount to forklifts or delivery vehicles and can withstand harsh warehouse environments. They feature large, easy-to-read screens, integrated keyboards, and can attach to input devices such as RFID readers and barcode scanners.

RFID Readers

RFID technology can deliver real-time tracking information by providing greater visibility of location and movement. These tag readers extend the capabilities of mobile computer to include RFID tag reading and writing.

Hand Scanner/ Mobile Computer Repair

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