Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners can simplify the entire process and save time during checkouts. These devices read barcodes and enter the product information directly to your registers. Employees simply wave the readers over items to check the prices.

Which one is right for your barcode scanning application?

Barcode scanning requires using the right barcode reader for your application and environment. There are barcode scanners for every scanning environment, from linear barcode scanning to 2D barcode scanning in everything from heavy industrial to light retail. Which one is right for your barcode scanning application? You can rely on the experts at TSD Technologies to help you choose the best barcode laser scanner or imager technology for your business needs.

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Laser Scanners, Barcode Readers, 2-D Imagers & More

Choosing the right barcode scanners for your business needs, objectives and budget is essential. Laser scanners typically utilize a laser to scan and decode linear barcodes. Imagers use advance scanning technology to decode two-dimensional barcodes, including Datamatrix, PDF417, Aztec, QR and others. Barcode scanners are generally categorized in the following classes:

General Purpose Barcode Scanners

General-purpose 70x80

These barcode scanners and 2D imagers are loaded with options and can be wired (tethered) or wireless with Bluetooth technology. They are used everywhere, including light industrial, retail, office, healthcare and point-of-sale.

Ruggedized Barcode Scanners

rugged original70x80

Designed to withstand harsh or extreme conditions – including temperature, weather, drops to concrete, and dusty, dirty environments – these barcode scanners and 2D imagers also offer many utility and communication options.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Fixed mount barcode scanners and 2D imagers allow for hands-free or high-speed automated barcode scanning. These have many applications, including sorting systems, point-of-sale, work-in-process and healthcare.

Barcode Verifiers

Barcode verification technology ensures each printed barcode is in spec and will be able to be scanned as the labeled product is handled down the line. Bar code verifiers can be in-line with printing or can function as a separate operation.

Hand Scanner/ Mobile Computer Repair

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