Print & Apply Systems Label Applicators

Are you currently printing and “hand applying” your own labels products?  You send the print job to your label printer.  Wait for all the labels to print out either fanfold or on a spool.  Finally you have to hand apply hundreds of labels to boxes on several different pallets.  This process is not real time, slow, and prone to human error!

Automate Your Print & Apply Process

As your business grows and the volume and flow of product increase, there may come a time when you need to automate this process! At TSD Technologies supporting our customers before, during and after the sale is paramount. Our management team and dedicated support staffs are driven by some of the most experienced, established and well- respected professionals in the industry. From Semi – automatic applications to the most demanding high speed, high accuracy labeling solutions, TSD Technologies understand your needs. More importantly, we understand how to convert your needs into successful production!

Print & Apply Equipment Support AFTER the Sale

TSD Technologies is a partner with CTM labeling systems. CTM is an American based company based out of Salem, OH, and building world class labeling systems is no big deal for them! From the design and engineering phase of each project through final system set-up and QC, exceptional expertise and craftsmanship at every level forge the finest labeling machines available on the market. Setting benchmarks is difficult. Maintaining those benchmarks is even tougher. The benchmark that we are most proud of is our support “after the sale”. This partnership has been proven time and time again.

Watch our label applicators in action…

Here are a couple BASIC samples of our CTM 3600 PA corner Print & Apply Unit in action:

In this video we sense the leading edge of the product.  The arm with the label on the tamp pad swings out to meet the product (High pressure Swing).  Then as the product continues the labels is wiped down the side.  A second sensor sensed the product once the label is on to retract the arm.  At this time the next label is printed and loaded onto the tamp pad for the next box.
Top Apply!  Again, this is a basic example of the speed and precision we use to guarantee your success!  This is as simple as having an operator scan an order.  Then our equipment takes it from there!  We design to your specifications!
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